Special Hoses
Vally-Matic laver også specialslanger


On a yearly basis we produce approximately 400000 meters of standard hoses used for suction of welding exhaust, chips, range hoods, ventilation, tumble dryers etc. The hoses are produced in dimensions from Ø52 to Ø1100 mm and in lengths up to 30 meters.

Further, we produce a lot of tailor made special solutions.

This hose has been made of a material that withstands temperatures down to minus 40 degree Celsius without losing its flexibility. In this case the assignment was an instant down cooling of a TV studio. The hose is easy to attach to the mobile fan engine, thus it has been equipped with straps fixing the clamping bands. The hose is Ø 720 mm and 10 meters long.   specialslange


This high temperature hose has been fitted on a plant for testing exhaust systems for contractor machines. Negative pressure – temperature: 600 degree Celsius.   Specialslange

We had the assignment: “Make some hoses that withstand rough handling” – these hoses are used for blast cleaning of facades, steel constructions, power plant boilers etc. The hose is flexible and very resistant to wearing particles (sand or metal chips). The hoses withstand quite high temperatures and therefore they are also suitable for injection of hot air for drying out buildings – either new buildings or buildings that have been exposed to water damage.

The hoses can be delivered with pipe stubs and special made clamping bands, so that they can be connected to the length required. Standard length 6 or 12 meter.

specialslange   specialslange

These flexible hoses “move” air in a huge gardening cold store, where it is vital that the temperature is constant. The hoses are Ø 800 mm, total length 60 meter. Delivered with accessories for connecting and suspending.

Ø 800 mm – total length 60 meter. Delivered with accessories for connecting and suspending.

Flexible hose made of a reinforced material. Withstands temperatures from minus 40 to plus 90 degree Celsius. The in sewn helix and the pitch chosen make the hose very flexible.   specialslange

The flexible hose can also be bucked in special lengths upon request. Clamping bands can be in sewn for easy installation.   specialslange


Or the hose can be delivered in a heavy material with low pitch and ends ready made for sturdy fittings/clamping bands.   specialslange


Flexible hose for vacuum, where dust and particles occur.
The hose shown has a diameter of Ø51 mm