Hoses for Welding Exhaust
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Technical data:
Material: Double coated polyamide with helix wire

Fire approval: M1 French Classement
Temperature range: Minus 20 to plus 90 degree Celsius

Flexible hose for many purposes. Designed for suction of welding exhaust

They differ from our standard ventilation hoses by a sturdy helix wire with low pitch. The wire has been welded in so that the internal surface is smooth.

Standard dimensions: Ø 62, Ø 82, Ø102, Ø127,Ø162, Ø302 – or upon request.

Suction of welding exhaust
Grinding dust
Concrete dust
Gluing processes
Surface treatment
Chemical industry
Glass fiber industry
Plastic industry


Hose for spot suction – very stable and flexible hose designed for high pressure and vacuum.

Vally-Matic - svejseudsugning