Through more than 30 years, we have produced flexible hoses for comfort ventilation and suction (range hoods and tumble dryers), suction in laboratories, plastic industry, glass fiber industry, wood industry and suction of welding exhaust. In short – all places where there is a need for transportation of air – either pure air or air with less aggressive media and media containing dust and/or chips from metal or wood.

VM is the only manufacturer of these hose types in Scandinavia and Finland.

Today we have a wide standard range of hoses. As manufacturers we can offer special solutions from Ø 50 to Ø 1000 mm in different materials depending on media, pressure and application.

We supply hoses in the materials: PE, PVC, PUR, Silicone, NPG, PTFE and HT glass. We are also sub-suppliers of insulated hoses and silencers for comfort ventilation in administration buildings, hospitals and private houses.

Our force is that we can adapt production facilities to produce the diameters, lengths and materials on a short term so that we can meet requirements for early delivery.

Apart from having a wide standard range, we are in close dialogue with customers and partners regarding special solutions.